Seine-et-Marne: a teacher violently jostled by a student in a high school in Combs-la-Ville

Seine-et-Marne: a teacher violently jostled by a student in a high school in Combs-la-Ville

Seine-et-Marne: a teacher violently jostled by a student in a high school in Combs-la-Ville

Vendredi, au lycée professionnel Jacques-Prévert de Combs-la-Ville, en Seine-et-Marne, un élève a provoqué la chute violente de son enseignante. L'enseignante et le proviseur ont décidé de porter plainte. Ce lundi, les syndicats réclament des sanctions lourdes contre l'agresseur et l'élève ayant filmé la scène.

The scene took place on Friday, between the walls of the Jacques-Prévert vocational high school in Combs-la-Ville, in Seine-et-Marne, and was filmed.The video shows a student, standing, visibly determined to leave the room before the end of the course.His teacher opposes it and overwhelms the passage, by blocking her body in front of the class door.

An exchange follows.""Remain!"" First, launches the pedagogue, who hears his student: ""Wallah, push yourself!"".""Yacine, you are at school!"" She continues, trying to bring her interlocutor back to reason.

The student - educated in terminal according to our information - does not stop in front of the obstacle and violently opens the door, shaking up the professor who collapses on the ground - under the laughter of some of the comrades of the aggressor.It now faces heavy sanctions, both at the school level and judicial.The victim decided to file a complaint against his attacker, and his hierarchy must accompany him to the police station and file a complaint on his behalf also.Students who have filmed and broadcast the scene will also be targeted.

Prohibition to access the establishment

The Créteil Academy underlined in a statement written on Saturday that the head of the establishment had been immediately warned, immediately taking care of the situation, assistance to its teacher, currently accompanied, in particular on the pyschological plan.This also benefits from functional protection: a legal aid provision open to any public agent victim of an offense in the exercise of its functions.

The student has noted to notify his prohibition to access the establishment as a precautionary.Things will probably not be there.A disciplinary council must be summoned, while the colleagues of the victim claimed a ""trivialized time"" in order to ""think"".

The teacher and the establishment will file a complaint

The student is naturally exposed to heavy disciplinary but also judicial sanctions.In its press release, the Créteil Academy had promised: ""In accordance with the firmness policy followed by national education in these circumstances, a complaint will be made quickly.""

Valérie Debuchy, Director of National Education Services in Seine-et-Marne, moved this Monday morning at the Jacques-Prévert high school. Elle a confirmé devant la presse que l'enseignante allait déposer plainte ainsi que son supérieur hiérarchique: ""L'enseignante va être accompagnée au commissariat pour porter plainte.The principal will also file a complaint for the establishment "".

Again, these remarks found an echo with the ministry. Valérie Debuchy a ainsi précisé: ""Nous allons porter plainte contre l’élève puisque bien évidemment l’auteur est tout à fait connu et a été exclu immédiatement par mesure conservatoire, plainte contre les élèves ayant tourné et diffusé les vidéos"".

""Not an establishment that hit the headlines""

The SNES teaching union mentioned the profile presented by this high school, explaining that it was not particularly difficult, although, like many professional establishments, it is regularly the scene of incivility.

The mayor of the city, Guy Geoffroy, is a principal of training.Specialist in vocational education, it was even he who founded the Jacques-Prévert high school forty years ago. ""Ce n’est pas un établissement qui défraie la chronique, fort heureusement. C’est un bon établissement"", a-t-il expliqué au micro de BFMTV. ""Je forme le vœu que le conseil de discipline adopte la plus grande fermeté à l’égard de cet élève qui a eu ce comportement totalement inacceptable"", a-t-il ajouté.

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