Wedding 2021: 18 perfect dresses for guests who want to make a splash

Wedding 2021: 18 perfect dresses for guests who want to make a splash

Wedding 2021: 18 perfect dresses for guests who want to make a splash

Temperatures are slowly warming up, which makes us think wedding season is just around the corner. Admittedly, we're still in the dark, we don't really know how it's going to turn out, but we're slowly starting to look for the outfit that will make us shine in the photos, the one that will allow us to light up the runway and will earn us some good compliments. placed between a glass of champagne and a petit four.

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Wedding 2021: these little dress rules to follow to be the ideal guest

However, it would not be a question of forgetting that you are not the queen of the day. We will therefore avoid the outfit that pulls the blanket too much, and, above all, we will apply to follow a few basic rules.

Number 1, the most important (clearly, if you only have to follow one, it will be this one): NO WHITE. Off-white, either. Neither does cream. In short, if it closely or remotely resembles white, we flee! Above all, we would not want to suffer the wrath of the bride.

And if you can take the opportunity to eradicate black as well (not very cheerful, especially for a spring or summer wedding), we would appreciate it.

On the cut side, don't forget that the guests are there to rave about the bride, not about your sublime curves. We therefore avoid outfits that are too sexy, especially if it is a religious wedding.

Wedding 2021: these sublime guest outfits that make us flash

The most important thing to choose your outfit is to adapt to the style of the wedding: it seems logical, but you will not dress the same on the beach or in a castle, at a very chic wedding or at a casual wedding, etc.

Once this parameter has been taken into account, bohemian dress or refined jumpsuit, patterned or plain piece, very sophisticated or extremely simple silhouette... it's up to you!

We will not forget the accessories, which will finish the set, and even pimp a simple outfit to make it look super elegant. Big earrings, headband, hat, colorful shoes... We don't skimp on sharp details to give another dimension to our outfit and be the most beautiful (or almost) to go to a wedding.


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