Kanye West: exclusive immersion in the rapper's empire

Kanye West: exclusive immersion in the rapper's empire

Kanye West: exclusive immersion in the rapper's empire

When Kanye West is around, everyone is aware.The engine of its black Lamborghini rumbles like an earthquake in its private alley in Los Angeles.When he comes out of the racing car, in white t-shirt and black jogging pants, his obsession for the monochrome is then obvious.

First, let's talk about the house where he lives with his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and their four children (North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm).The naked property walls of the property contrast with leterrain lush outdoors.Inside, everything is white as snow.The plaster of the soil comes from Belgium, and if it were to be damaged, only a European workforce could restore it.Kim Kardashian concedes: "In the house, everything is him.I have never seen someone paying so much attention to detail ".

The perfectionism of Kanye West makes it one of the most popular musical artists.DJ Khaled, who spent time with the studio rapper, believes: "He went beyond everything we already knew".But like Michael Jordan in the 1990s, Kanye's key to sneakers resides in sneakers.His Yeezy collection, first created with Nike in 2009, then transferred to Adidas in 2013, competitions Air Jordan products, both in terms of influence and commercial prowess.For the collection of Michael Jordan, it is estimated the annual sales at around 3 billion dollars, while Yeezy should exceed 1.5 billion dollars in 2019.

Just like for decoration at home, Kanye West does not miss any detail for his sneakers.He imitates his idol Steve Jobs, preferring to offer a limited number of products, available in an infinite range of colors.The Yeezy Boost 350 exist in ten models and constitute the majority of sales of the brand.Kanye West explains: "Basically, make products that bring joy to people and facilitate their lives, that's what I like to do".

Whatever he does, Kanye West is a hit.Forbes estimate its income before taxes at $ 150 million for the last 12 months.His team claims that this figure is far from reality, especially due to the benefits he makes with his clothing line Yeezy.In any case, he deserves his third place in the classification of best paid celebrities in 2019.

Flashback 3 years back.Kanye West cancels the end of his stadium tour, however lucrative, to stay in hospital for more than a week.He then presents symptoms of sleep deprivation and temporary psychosis.The diagnosis is final: the rapper is bipolar.If man is creative and certainly no less chaotic, he is not crazy.Like some entrepreneurs, who suffer destroyed attention with or without hyperactivity (ADHD), he perceives his diagnosis not as an obstacle, but as a "super-power" allowing him to draw deep downof his imagination.

Kanye West's obsession for design goes back as far as his passion for music.Born in Atlanta and then raised in Chicago, he attracts trouble at school when he draws pairs of sneakers in class.When his mother, a professor at university, takes him Voirakira Cinéma, he then begins to draw inspiration from the film's color palette for his drawings.He also evokes his father, a former member of the Black Panther Party, who brought him to car fairs, where Kanye then discovered an obsession for Lalamborghini COUNTACH."There is a bit of Lamborghini in everything I do.My Yeezy are the shoe lamborghini, ”says the rapper.

The meticulousness of Kanye West is also beneficial to him in his musical career, which took off in the early years2000 when he stood out, after having abandoned the courses, as a producer of the Jay-Z label, Roc-A-Fella Records.He is at the origin of Jay-Z's precursor album, The Blueprint.When Kanye West launches solo two and a half years later, he then blurs all the borders of the musical genre.When he started, the artist records with Coldplay and even made the first part of U2.Contrasting with the snarling materialism of the successful rappers of the time, Kanye West presents himself as a more vulnerable character.In his songs, no drug stories or street gangs, but reflections on racism, work or appearance, punctuated by a touch of mind full of mind.

Kanye West : Immersion Exclusive Dans L’Empire Du Rappeur

Celebrity then gives him the chance to return to his first love: sneakers.In 2007, he created a shoe model for the Japanese brand in Bathing Ape, with the logo of a plush bear that then adorned his first album covers (open your eye! If you put your hand todayOn one of these pairs of shoes, you could get several thousand dollars).It is a start for Kanye West, who then cultivates his network of well -placed friends, like Hedi Slimane (artistic director at Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent) who would have said to him: "You are going to do something very strong in theshoe domain ».These are these kinds of compliments that encourages the rapper and gives him the confidence necessary to show his creations to Mark Parker, CEO of Nike.Seeing his sketches, the businessman would have said: "This guy is interesting.Let's make a pair of shoes with him ”.

The Yeezy brand was born, and is inspired by the nickname given to the rapper by Jay-Z in one of his songs, "Kanyeezy".The first shoes created by Kanye West will be sold in 2009.In reality, this is not the first time that the paths of hip-hop and sneakers meet.In the mid-1990s, grouping it-DMC released its collection at Adidas, and 20 years later it will be the turn of Jay-Z and 50cent to ally with Reebok for an exclusive collection.On the other hand, Kanye West will be the first rapper to collaborate with Nike.

At the same time, while his financial interests evolve, the artist is going through a decisive period.The death of his mother in 2007, complications after a cosmetic surgery operation, deeply affects Kanye West.Upset, he separated from his fiancée from the time, Alexis Phifer, the following year.

Consequently, the Lubies of Kanye West feed one of newspapers.He begins by interrupting Taylor Swift during his speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, saying that Beyoncé should have won in her place.The incident is so talked about that the artist is obliged to cancel his stadium tour with Lady Gaga and leaves to settle in Italy to work with the house Fendi.Upon his return to the United States, he considers himself a sacred character, declaring in particular in his albumyeezus in 2013: "I am God".

The year2016 marks a turning point for the artist, who ensures in a series of tweets to have 53 million dollars of debt, before asking Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, to lend him $ 1 billion to finance his creations.His rants are then becoming more and more regular, while he begins his biggest tour.During a concert, he insinuated that Jay-Z would have tried to have him murdered.It is at the end of this year that Kanye West is hospitalized and cancels the end of his tour.His first appearance after his release will take place at Trump Tower, where he meets the future president of the United States, to the general disappointment of his fans.

If the character continues the escapades, his career remains most controlled.While sales of his air Yeezy II fly away in 2012, the artist believes that Nike considers him as an amateur."My shoes were the first to have an impact as strong as the Jordan air, I wanted more.At that time, Nike refused to give royalties to celebrities on their pairs of shoes, ”explains Kanye West.It was then that he accepted Adidas's proposal and signed with them in 2013.They then sign an unprecedented contract: 15% of royalties on sales.In comparison, it is estimated to be the amount of Michael Jordan's royalties at Nike at around 5%, even if he does not own his brand, while this is the case for Kanye West.

The producer forms a strategic alliance with his wife, Kim Kardashian West.Since their marriage in Florence in 2014, the couple is at the head of an empire with hundreds of millions of followers on social networks.The influencer regularly asks for her husband's opinion for her projects.Kanye West would have even redesigned the logo and packaging of his latest clothing.She claims that she listens to her advice, even beyond the creative dimension: "He taught me never to compromise and take matters into my own.Before, I was not thinking at all like that, even if it means affixing my name on everything and anything ". Cette année, Kim Kardashian West se classe 26e au classement des célébritésForbes.

The incorrigible dissatisfied that is Kanye West could not stop there.He is now working with a team to create prefabricated habitable structures straight out of a Star Wars.He hopes to be able to offer them as accommodation for the most modest income, imagining them to install them underground, with a light filtration system on the roof.

For a company that prides itself on creating shoes inspired by Lamborghini, Yeezy's headquarters are most.The blue and gray building is in Calabasas, not far from the place where Kanye West organizes his Sunday Services, rallies that mix popular songs and religious music, performed both by gospel choirs and guest celebrities, like Katy Perry orDave Chappelle.

Kanye West believes that he is not a "man of figures", but nevertheless is obliged to throw a business of his business.Yeezy's commercial strategy is based on limited editions and products put on the market without warning, like Air Jordan.According to Matt Powell, analyst for the NPD group: "What sells celebrities products is rarity.If the items are too distributed, then the business model collapses ".

The Adidas group seems to be aware of it.The director general, Kasper Rørsted, explains that the volume of Yeezy put on sale is subject to a specific calculation.In other words, Kanye West does not seek to sell as many pairs as possible to the detriment of the prestige of his brand, he prefers to arouse lust by being rare on the market.Its edition of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Glow in the Dark Fluorescents experienced a stock from its sale.Other projects are being developed, including a pair of shoes made from algae which will be fully biodegradable.

Kanye West is still the owner of the Yeezy brand 100%.This is the reason why he was able to exceed the threshold of the 100 million dollars so quickly.Given the success of his business, the artist should soon join the very closed club of billionaires, which notably includes Michael Jordan, but also his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner and his mentor Jay-Z.