The best techniques to lose your cellulite |Health Magazine

The best techniques to lose your cellulite |Health Magazine

The best techniques to lose your cellulite |Health Magazine

Crèmes à la caféine, massages, appareils maison, ventouse, compléments alimentaires… Nous avons sélectionné les techniques les plus efficaces pour éliminer la cellulite des cuisses. Avec les explications de nos experts.Les meilleures techniques pour perdre sa cellulite | Santé Magazine Les meilleures techniques pour perdre sa cellulite | Santé Magazine

Cellulite is an aesthetic concern for 99 % of women.To combat cellulite, there are many methods, all more or less focusing on the mechanical solicitation of congestioned tissues.You will see it, the so-called palpate massage holds a central place in several techniques.But remain two essential factors: motivation and regularity.None of the techniques will work if the protocol is not followed regularly or even daily.

The electro-beauté which treats cellulite with heat

At the time of electro-beauté, homemade devices reproduce the care that can be done in an aesthetic office.Thus, the Silk’n Silhouette device combines three energy sources: radioFrequency, LED and inFrared to treat cellulite by heat.

In use: after applying a heat driver gel, move the device to the area to be treated.In attack treatment, use the device three times a week for 15 to 20 minutes.

The expert's opinion: "In aesthetics, radioFrequency makes it possible to tone the skin," explains Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.Indeed, in contact with heat, a synthesis of collagen is induced.If this heat is associated with a palpate-roll technique, then we can also see an improvement on the appearance of the Capitons.»»

Slimming cure in institute

This is a cellulite management."At home, we quickly forget about her resolutions," explains Sophie Gilarski, international training manager internationally.An institute slimming cure allows you to be in the hands of an esthetician who knows the body.»»

Instructions: to set your appointments and to stick to it: 2 care per week, with 10 sessions per cure."It corresponds to" metabolic time "so that the body destocke.»»

The expert's opinion: "The ideal patient is the woman with aqueous cellulite, linked to water retention. Le massage est alors justifié»», explique le Dr Nina Roos, dermatologue.


The anticelulite suction cup

What is that ?This is the product that makes the buzz.And for good reason: the anticellulite suction cup has a few strings to its bow.It is not expensive, unusable, and - according to fans - the technique works very well to dislodge the inlaid cellulite.

Instructions: according to manufacturers like CellBlue, the user manual is as follows.After applying a massage oil on the part to be treated, pinch the suction cup on the skin to suck a skin fold, and make movements with the suction cup: first From bottom to top, then back and forthleft to right, diagonally, and always going up.Finally, do like circles on the skin, always From the bottom to the top.

The expert's opinion: "This technique does not benefit at the moment of clinical studies proving its effectiveness," says Professor Philippe Humbert, dermatologist.But aspiration is another form of massage, which deserves to be studied in association or not with active.»»


Caffeine anti -hill cosmetic cream

Les meilleures techniques pour perdre sa cellulite | Santé Magazine

What is that ?The slimming cream contains active as proven, the best known: caffeine.As caffeine molecules are large, they are integrated into a hydroalcoholic gel formula, which makes it possible to better pass the skin barrier to the active.The dehydrating side of alcohol must be offset by nourishing assets.Among the other anti -hululite active ingredients: mate, green tea ...

Another family of active ingredients to complete the caffeine: the drainants type ruscus, small holly, brown From India ... Finally, when cellulite is very encrusted, the skin is rigidified, it is necessary to restore flexibility and revive the production of fibersElastic of the skin: collagen, lipids ... To summarize, in a slimming cream, it is good to find caffeine, a draining active, lipids to nourish the skin and restore its flexibility.

Instructions: apply twice a day for a month.

The expert's opinion: "Caffeine is the major asset of slimming because it is effective, and - significant quality for manufacturers - it is very inexpensive. Qu’elle soit d’origine naturelle ou de synthèse, la caféine a la même efficacité»», décrypte Jannick Thiroux, cosmétologue.

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Marine care to act on encrusted cellulite

User manual: a slimming cure lasts six days with 24 treatments.Among the treatments: Draining massage under jet shower, seaweed wraps, underwater shower, maintenance with a nutritionist ...

The expert's opinion: "Marine assets have their place in a slimming protocol," says Jannick Thiroux, cosmetologist.Some algae such as Asterionella Japanica, Fucus, Phyllacantha fibrosa or ascophyllum increase lipolytic activity.They also have a local firming action on released areas.»»

Essential oils to drain and detoxify

Essential oils act on traffic to stimulate exchanges.Those most often used for anticellulite care are grapeFruit or lemon essential oil.And also: the cypress to detoxify, the juniper and the sage to drain, the marjolaine to boost the detoxification of the skin ...

In use: use essential oils with a base of vegetable oils, for example a vegetable oil of muscat rose.

The expert's opinion: "The circulatory virtues of essential oils are well known," says Frédérique Cervoni, naturopathic.My advice more: in case of cravings, breathe essential oil of cinnamon in the bottle of the bottle, for its appetite effect effect.»»Pour plus d'informations, retrouvez notre phytothérapeute en vidéo.

In video: What plants are eased cellulite?

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Mechanical palpate to combat cellulite

This is the LPG M6 cell technique, the mechanical palpate.The person goes to a physiotherapist;After she put on a panty, the practitioner passes the device with a tip suitable for the area to be treated.

Instructions: the latest protocol called Endermopucture.A specific massage head stimulates elimination functions by requesting points such as bladder, stomach, spleen ... for an hour, count 85 € and provide a protocol of five sessions.Rens.On www.LPGSYSTEMS.Fr

The expert's opinion: "This is the system that has been the subject of the greatest number of scientific publications, specifies Professor Philippe Humbert, dermatologist.It has been shown that the realization of a physical exercise associated with Cellu M6 sessions is effective, and greater than the practice of physical exercise alone or the practice of massage alone to erase cellulite.»»

The slimming automation of thighs and knees

This is a massage method that allows you to target adipocytes.An anti-cellulite massage oil will be an excellent tool to help in modeling.

Instructions: he responds to a three -step gesture:

  1. D’abord chauffer les tissus par des Frictions rapides, en alternant les mains, pour faire rougir la peau.
  2. Attraper une partie de peau avec le pouce d’un côté, index et majeur de l’autre, faire rouler doucement sous les doigts, en remontant. Imaginer que sa peau est quadrillée par des lignes horizontales et verticales. Suivre d’abord les lignes horizontales puis les lignes verticales. Trois fois de suite.
  3. Terminer par des percussions et de petits pincements pour tonifier la peau.

A 9 -30 -minute 9 -year knee knee thighing automation, to do at least twice a week.The first results must appear From the second week.If, after modeling, your skin blushes and itching, it's a very good sign.

The expert's opinion: "Slimming automation keeps the skin flexible and toned.This allows you to fight both Capitons and the lack of tone. Mais il faut de la régularité»», dit Isabelle Trombert-Gimeno, auteur du livre Le massage amincissant (éd.Ellébore, 20 €).

Food supplements to relaunch the destocking process

The food supplement comes to bring an approach still different From cellulite, without being limited to a just mechanical action."Cellulite remains a metabolic mystery," explains Dr. Yann Rougier, nutritionist, director of Laboratories Forté Pharma.Adipocyte is not just a "fat bag" that fills up and empties.»» Cette cellule est sensible au système nerveux, aux émotions.We know today that factors like stress, the pressure of life ... play a significant role in the formation of cellulite. Une chose est sûre : au niveau local, quand les échanges sont Freinés, le système lymphatique ralenti réduit la circulation du sang, de l’oxygène… provoquant une rétention d’eau, de l’inflammation et de la cellulite fibrosée.

Any anticelulite dietary supplement aims to “defibrose” these fabrics where exchanges are no longer made. « Aussi efficace soit-il, un complément alimentaire ne peut rien sans une action mécanique – type ventouse anticellulite – pour lancer le mouvement»», précise le Dr Rougier.Among the active ingredients that have an action on cellulite: draining active ingredients of grape marc, green tea;antioxidants;Vitamin B3 for its vasodilator action. On peut aussi citer les cétones de Framboise.

Instructions for use: complement cures are generally done over three weeks, which corresponds to the time that the body puts to relaunch this destocking process.

The expert's opinion: "Food supplements have their place in global care, they can have a real booster effect," explains Frédérique Cervoni, Naturopath.But of course, you have to follow a rigorous lifestyle to have results.»»


Bike in water to stimulate venous return

The pedal person on a submerged bike, with water to the waist.Different underwater jets allow resistance work and a thinning process.

Mode d’emploi : un programme anti­cellulite prévu sur dix semaines, à raison de deux séances hebdomadaires de 45 minutes chacune (compter 590 €)On www.waterbike.Fr

The expert's opinion: “This is one of the anti -hillitis methods that I place in pole position thanks to its effectiveness and the sustainability of the results, says the D Nina Roos, dermatologist.The bicycle in water stimulates venous return, curves and burns fat, in addition to the massage action of water.But you have to make 45 min, 2 to 3 times a week.»»

Slimming clothing

In fabric fibers, the active ingredients are the same as those of the caffeine slimming creams.Just put it on so that the active ingredients are diffused on the skin.The expert's opinion: "Textiles are an interesting galenic form due to permanent contact with the skin," says Professor Philippe Humbert, dermatologist.What will make them effective lies, of course, in the nature of the encapsulated assets.»» Shopping : Legging Fit Active Lytess en noir, 50 €.

Second possibility: the garment is not imbued with caffeine, but of the bioceramide is encrusted in the wires, allowing to revive blood micro-circulation and thus, the anti-cellulite action.Shopping: B’Slim leggings from € 39.90.

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