Pin Up aprons: Hélène DIY creations

Pin Up aprons: Hélène DIY creations

Pin Up aprons: Hélène DIY creations

Her name is Hélène and creates absolutely magnificent pin up.They can not only be worn in the kitchen but also in the street!We let you discover its DIY pieces (do it yourself) as well as the personality of this designer like no other.

A fashion designer who does not like conformism

My big size: Hello Hélène!We are delighted to make your acquaintance.Before we talk about your creations, tell us a few words about your little person?

MGT: One day, you had to get started as a qualified professional.What happened ?

Tabliers pin up : les créations DIY d'Hélène

MGT: You are a round woman.Has it always been the case?If so, how did you live it?

Create your own Pin Up apron manufacturing business

MGT: Where did you come from the idea of making Pin Up aprons?Why did you choose this style and what do they have in addition to "standard" aprons?

MGT: Can your creations also be worn outside?

MGT: You recently collaborated with the Miss Ronde Lorraine Committee.Is it a desire on your part to work with round women?

Clothes that highlight all morphologies

MGT: What have you withdrawn from this particular experience?

MGT: Precisely speaking of apron, explain a little how is manufacturing?Where to order and how much does it cost on average?

Where to find Pin Up aprons made by Hélène

MGT: Hélène, we wanted to thank you for your visit to us!Do you have a last message to deliver to people who read you?

If you like the creations of Hélène, know that they are on sale on this site.For more information, you can also go to Hélène's Facebook page.In any case, we really loved these pin up aprons!