Fibroadenoma: causes, symptoms, when to worry?

Fibroadenoma: causes, symptoms, when to worry?

Fibroadenoma: causes, symptoms, when to worry?

Le fibroadénome (ou adénofibrome) est une tumeur bénigne du sein qui survient chez la femme jeune, avant 40 ans. Il touche entre 10 et 20% des femmes. Quels symptômes entraîne-t-il ? Est-il douloureux ? Quand s'inquiéter ? Peut-il évoluer en cancer ? Causes et conduite à tenir avec le Dr Jean-Michel Vannetzel, oncologue.Fibroadénome : causes, symptômes, quand s'inquiéter ? Fibroadénome : causes, symptômes, quand s'inquiéter ?

Fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that occurs in young women, in the majority of cases, before 40 years.What symptoms does it lead to?What is the cause and age of appearance of a fibroadenoma?When to worry about it?Treat or remove it?Can it evolve in cancer?Explanations from Dr Jean-Michel Vannetzel, cancerologist and president of the Institut du Breat Henri Hartmann (Ishh) in Neuilly.

Definition: What is a fibroadenoma?

Fibroadenoma (also called adenofibrome) is a benign tumor located at the mammary gland (breast) which is due to hormonal fluctuations."Statistics diverge a little: it is estimated that a fibroadenoma occurs in 10 to 20% of young women," said our interlocutor.This mass, composed of fibrous and glandular tissues, is therefore very common.

What is the age of appearance?

A fibroadenoma occurs in the young woman "20, 30 or 40 years old", indicates our interlocutor.

What are the symptoms ?

Fibroadénome : causes, symptômes, quand s'inquiéter ?

Fibroadenoma is characterized by the presence of a ball in the breast, which can be felt (but not always) between your fingers in palpation.It can sometimes be a little painful, especially "before the rules", specifies Dr. Vannetzel.The fibroadenoma can be small (ball of about 1 cm), but sometimes large (4 to 5 cm) and modify the shape of the breast.

What is the cause ?

"The fibroadenoma translates hyperactivity of the lobules located in the breast, which probably appears because of hormonal variations," explains the oncologist.

Why and how to monitor it?

"Whether fibroadenoma does badly or not, driving to hold is the same: talking to your attending physician or gynecologist. In general, an abnormal symptom in terms of breast as pain, ball, bleeding, a discharge of the nipple, a deformation of the breast must be reported to a doctor. It is not necessarily very worrying, but it will be up to the doctor to make the investigations and to prescribe exams to eliminate other causes (cyst, tumor tumorphyllode, cancer ...) ", insists our expert.The doctor will make a clinical examination of the patient and will prescribe an ultrasound at least.A mammography may also be considered if the radiologist recommends completing the ultrasound, or even a skin breast biopsy (technique carried out under local anesthesia by means of a small needle) to verify that it is not a tumorsmart.

Can it disappear?

Fibroadenoma can regress, disappear on its own, but also come back.

Can it evolve as a malignant tumor?

"Fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that does not degenerate and which therefore has no consequences. In other words, it does not evolve in breast cancer, would like to reassure the oncologist. We must nevertheless be concerned as beforeany change in the breast ".

When to remove it?

Since fibroadenoma does not evolve in cancer it is not necessary to remove it."We plan to operate it when it is painful, if there is a doubt about radiological examinations or on biopsy or if it is very annoying from a psychological point of view, at the request of the patient.There are also special cases, for example large fibroadenomas, which we tend to operate, "concludes our interlocutor.

Thank you to Dr Jean-Michel Vannetzel, oncologist and president of the Institut du Breat Henri Hartmann in Neuilly.

Fibroadénome : causes, symptômes, quand s'inquiéter ?

Summary Definitioning of ApparitionsymptômeScuuse which can we monitor it? Can it disappear? Can it evolve in cancer?When to remove it?Fibroadenoma is a benign tumor that occurs at ...

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