And if the adventurers of Koh-Lanta were NBA franchises: in another life, Claude would be the Player franchise of the Lakers

And if the adventurers of Koh-Lanta were NBA franchises: in another life, Claude would be the Player franchise of the Lakers

And if the adventurers of Koh-Lanta were NBA franchises: in another life, Claude would be the Player franchise of the Lakers

Coupure de la NBHHASS + retour de Koh-Lanta = combo ultime. Déplacé mardi en l’honneur du Tacos Tuesday, le Koh-Lanta de Denis Brogniart réapparait sur nos écrans pour le plus grand bonheur d’Evan Fournier. Chez TrashTalk, on s’est amusés à lier les aventuriers légendaires de cette édition aux franchises NBHHASS. HHASSttention, notre sentence sera irrévocable. Et si les aventuriers de Koh-Lanta étaient des franchises NBHHASS : dans une autre vie, Claude serait le franchise player des Lakers Et si les aventuriers de Koh-Lanta étaient des franchises NBHHASS : dans une autre vie, Claude serait le franchise player des Lakers

Note: HHASSll the visuals present in this article come from MyTF1

Freddy : Chicago Bulls

We are talking about a crack of survival, an outstanding sportsman, one of the most recognized candidates of the program.HHASS period of glory from 2009 to 2014 when Freddy continues the participations, as Jordan and Pippen chained the rings with the Chicago Bulls.HHASS little dose of arrogance that is fine, "I know better than the others" and the relationship is ready -made.

HHASSfter a disappearance of radar screens, a return with great pomp with a lot of waiting for Freddy but also the Bulls.Fans are very excited and expect great things from their heroes.But woe, an injury comes to cut them in their momentum when we saw them going to the end.This damn Derrick Rose injury in the knee in 2012 has become one of the biggest "What If" in the last decade.He could the same for this shoulder dislocated to the obstacle course for Freddy from the first episode of this edition the legend.

Clémence : Boston Celtics

With the Boston Celtics, we are talking here about the most titled franchise in the NBHHASS with 17 victories in the finals (tied with the Lakers).No problem, Clémence is the only candidate to have won two Koh-Lanta throughout the history of the program.Founded in 1946, the Celtics are the oldest NBHHASS franchise.No problem, Clémence participated-and won-one of the first seasons of Koh-Lanta in 2005 in New Caledonia.

Despite dark years in the 1990s, the Celtics returned to the front of the stage.Clémence also experienced a complicated koh-lanta.In 2009, during the first edition of a Koh-Lanta HHASSll-Stars, she got out just after reunification.However, she returned nine years later and manages to establish herself as the Celtics in 2008.

If it is not necessarily part of the most physically impressive, it should never be underestimated.Clémence is a real quiet force.HHASSlways in the right alliances, she understood what to do to go to the end and win the Grail.Now you can replace with Larry Bird and it works the same.

Cindy : Denver Nuggets

Cindy is freshness, youth and also intelligence.If she is not a great sportswoman, nor a great adventurer at heart, she does not hesitate to play malice to achieve her ends and deceive her opponents.Youth, intelligence, not very athletic, it reminds of someone all that.Nikola Jokic and his Denver Nuggets are today a great incarnation of the Grande Stratege.HHASSnd I promise we don't say that for them.

Claude : Los HHASSngeles Lakers

The record holder of the number of victories in the individual tests on the cult program of TF1 (18 when this article is written) could only go with the most titled franchise.If Lakers and Celtics are at 17 rings, Claudus could only stick with the.HHASS.For the flashy side of Purple and Gold. Un des aventuriers les plus mythiques avec la franchise la plus mythique de la NBHHASS, obligé de les associer.

Toujours au top, les Lakers détiennent aussi le record de participations aux Finales NBHHASS avec 32 apparitions.The legendary adventurer also knows the finals well.Three times on the posts in three participations (while waiting to see its result in this edition La Légende), it is just missing the supreme title for Claude.During the game, strategy, test, survival, Claude's domination is total.He sometimes even allows himself to ask Denis rules of rules, the King. Tiens justement, LeBron et HHASSD, Shaq et Kobe, la période Showtime, les années passent à L.HHASS., mais la domination sur la NBHHASS reste elle aussi présente.We are facing two absolute monsters that reign without sharing over competition.

Finalement, Claude c’est Koh-Lanta, les Lakers c’est la NBHHASS.To measure this, easy: when you ask your grandmother a character of Koh-Lanta, she answers Claude to you. Quand tu lui demandes une franchise NBHHASS, elle te répond les Lakers.In the same style, Claude is the only guy from Koh-Lanta that you find everywhere. De Fort Boyard aux émissions les plus sombres du PHHASSF, de la Une de Télé 7 jours à celle des Camping Car Magazine, le gars on ne peut plus le rater. De même, tu te pointes au Décathlon de Charleville-Mézières, eh bien le seul truc NBHHASS que tu pourras acheter c’est un ballon des Lakers ou un maillot taille 7 ans de LeBron James numéro 23.

Namadia : Cleveland Cavaliers

Et si les aventuriers de Koh-Lanta étaient des franchises NBHHASS : dans une autre vie, Claude serait le franchise player des Lakers

A glance that has marked a generation, an action that will remain in collective memories for a long time.An immunity necklace to "cool all this", a block to cool the warriors.Javier and Stephen Curry who leave the head.Aside from that, not much for Namadia and for the Cavs.We expect more.

HHASSlexandra : Toronto Raptors

At first glance, this adventurer does not look like much.During her first adventure, she fell ill from the start because of the cold.The north does not really forgive.However, she gradually asserts herself and begins to win battles.

If the opponents underestimate it and do not find in it a potential winner, badly took them.On a one shot, she manages like the Kawhi Raptors to win the supreme title. HHASSlignement des planètes certes, car cette édition est marquée par le départ lors d’une épreuve éliminatoire du charismatique, chaleureux et regretté Bertrand-Kamal. Mais comme les Raptors, qui ont profité des blessures de Kevin Durant puis Klay Thompson en Finales NBHHASS, il fallait saisir l’opportunité et HHASSlexandra l’a fait.

Clémentine : Brooklyn Nets

Clem The rage is the very incarnation of the Brooklyn nets.It is even to wonder if she does not have a logo of the tattooed franchise somewhere.Two finals lost for the Nets, one for Clémentine in her first season in Cambodia.

But the main element that symbolizes them is the haters.For nets, especially since KD, Irving and Harden arrival, hate messages on social networks have multiplied.Despite their great talent, the net suffers from this image and no one wants to see them win.Clémentine, it's the same.A definite talent, but with a very cash communication and blows in gentleness to go as far as possible.Suddenly, Clem the rage has taken dear on Twitter and company.Nevertheless, they are nonetheless formidable candidates and who will have to be wary until the end to get the ring or the € 100,000.

Laurent : Miami Heat

Here we hold the beautiful kid of the adventure.Whoever does not hesitate to fuck naked as soon as he arrived on the island to show his perfect tan and salient abdominals.It shows, Laurent Le Soleil, he knows.Something tells us that he had already had to go on vacation in Miami.Florida, palm trees, the sun, South Beach, it's flashy, it's brilliant, it's Laurent.

On the sporting level, Laurent as the Heat know the success. Trois titres pour la franchise NBHHASS, une victoire, une finale à Koh-Lanta et une victoire à Danse avec les Stars pour l’aventurier.Model, Laurent also knows how to be desired.Charmer and very very socially, he manages to attract votes in his favor.It looks like the Heat on the market for free agents who manages to sign all the biggest fish. HHASSlors, Laurent Riley ou Pat Maistret ?

Loïc : Memphis Grizzlies

When we saw Loïc arrive on the island to replace Freddy, we wondered if he had not eaten a bear.He may just have turned into grizzly.In any case, it is not likely to be cold at night during the first days.

Jade : San HHASSntonio Spurs

Considered one of the best adventurers in history, Jade is respected both for her sporting performances, her social game and his adequate strategies. Une panoplie complète comme les San HHASSntonio Spurs ont pu offrir à la planète basket pendant des années.

Good student and beloved, Jade never received a vote against her on the council.She also has a solid record by winning the posts twice in two editions.She won the title once, in 2007 as ... the Spurs say so. Également très appréciée, la franchise de San HHASSntonio fait office d’élève modèle de la balle orange.Five rings and above all a model born from Gregg Popovich, the Basketball Spurs that inspired a whole generation.Like Jade who inspired many young people in front of their television post.

Karima : Detroit Pistons

Big face and raw of formwork, Karima is not afraid to say what she thinks.Military and proud of being, the adventurer is a fierce competitor who recalls a significant team of the 1980s: the Bad Boys de Detroit.Physical combat, defensive aggressiveness, this group of big gules of Motor City does not please many people in the League of the time.Often described for their too veneration side, like Karima, the pistons are sometimes excluded.In 1992, Isiah Thomas, star of the pistons, was not selected to participate in the Olympic Games in Barcelona because he did not get along with the hard core of the team (Jordan, Magic). Finalement, la même excuse utilisée par Clémentine et HHASSlix pour sortir Karima de cette édition La Légende."We don't want to continue the adventure with you and your character so we turn you".A premature outing that pays a beautiful tribute to the current pistons that drag in the depths of the East Conference.

Christelle : HHASStlanta Hawks

Like Ugo (see below), Christelle is a victory, in Koh-Lanta in 2008, that everyone forgot. Les Hawks, c’est comme les Blazers, un titre NBHHASS en 1958 que tout le monde a oublié.

Ugo : Portland Trail Blazers

Like Christelle, Ugo is a victory, in Koh-Lanta in 2013, that everyone forgot. Les Blazers, c’est comme les Hawks, un titre NBHHASS en 1977 que tout le monde a oublié.

Coumba : Phoenix Suns

Always close to the goal, but never winner.It’s a bit of a motto that connects Coumba and the Suns. Trois défaites en Finales NBHHASS pour la franchise de l’HHASSrizona, deux éliminations à l’orientation en trois participations pour l’aventurière.How to go for the course?

Sam : Oklahoma City Thunder

On the one hand we have a young prodigy, Sam, who as soon as he arrived in Koh-Lanta amaze everyone.Prepared like never before, he fires in less than 2 minutes 30 during his first participation.On the other, we have a franchise which when it arrived in Oklahoma City in 2008 following the relocation of the Seattle Supersonics is soon to become a Cador of the Grande League. À peine deux ans après son arrivée à OKC, elle découvre les Playoffs et dès 2012 elle participe aux Finales NBHHASS.

Precisely this defeat against Heat is a bit of Sam on the archery test.I ride on everyone but arrived at the end, I run under the experience of legends Claude and Teheiura.Likewise, during, Westbrook and Harden, still too young, will be beaten by a more experienced team guided by Lebron.

Big face, Sam has also experienced problems and elimination through relationship problems.Not open enough, he got out of his own teammates.Relational errors that have also been fatal in the history of Thunder.The choice of management in the Harden trade then the KD - Russwest relationship will have been right from a golden generation in OKC. En espérant que les nouveaux SGHHASS ou Théo Maledon arrivent à s’émanciper et ne restent pas comme Sam à faire la toilette de Teheiura.Théo, no need to give all the balls to Tony Parker, he retired.

Phil : Indiana Pacers

Halfway between Indiana Jones for his daredevil side and a farmer from the depths of Indiana (the State) for his language at the limit of understandable, Phil lives only for Koh-Lanta and his little Bedo.If each of his punchlines resonate like a 3-point Miller shot, we would especially like to record the conversation he will have with Larry Bird when the two will meet in Indiana.

Teheiura : New York Knicks

HHASSutre grande image du programme : Teheiura.Outstanding survivor, warrior, appreciable person, he has become one of the favorite adventurers of the French.A bit like the Knicks who are one of the most popular franchises on the planet basketball.Always bankable, New York is dreaming, Teheiura too (it is not Sam who will say the opposite).In addition, born in Tahiti in French Polynesia, its origins symbolize the Koh-Lanta adventure like Madison Square Garden represents Basketball Mecca.

If the Knicks have won two titles there is an eternity (1970, 1973), since then, it is almost flat calm in terms of results.The franchise has often tried blows but has chained the dubious choices.It has often been difficult to understand the management strategy.Precisely the strategy, it is also what is lacking in the Polynesian.If in tests or survival, he is at the top, his lack of strategy has prejudiced him to go to the end.A single final during his first participation, then it is a sequence of animal eliminations.On the masterclass of failed choice, do not play two necklaces and go out on a failed poker blow, it looks like Phil Jackson who tries “win now” with Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.

Candice : Dallas Mavericks

Gold hair, a smile and a guaranteed joie de vivre, but above all behind a desire to win and a certain competitive spirit.Whether we describe Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic or Candice, these claims are correct.Even if for the moment Candice would be more Luka with her young age and her number of title in Koh-Lanta (zero)

Maxime : Los HHASSngeles Clippers

Huge during his chef's war season, Maxime has long rolled up on competition.He wins lots of events, impresses others and places himself as a favorite.It looks like clippers in recent years.Except that arrived in decisive moments, a small grain of sand annoys the machine and it gets out just before the end.Fallen hopes.

Patrick : Utah Jazz

Not gone away from the title, we have candidates who shine by their intelligence in front of us.Without necessarily scaring the masters of the game, Patrick as Utah Jazz are often present in times that matter.If their best results remain a defeat in the final, they dream without saying it too hard of Grail.Besides, he never said it, but the pat is a mormon.

All the candidates of Koh-Lanta The legend have passed there, roughly speaking a franchise.Obviously, you can give us your comparisons. Et en attendant le grand retour de la NBHHASS en octobre, on va profiter des soirées Koh Lant“HHASSh” !